Business Advisory

Business moves through its own life cycle of infancy, childhood, teens, adulthood and reinvention. At any stage of life cycle a well considered strategy can go a long way in ensuring sustainable growth and profitability for the business. At GFS with our leadership team with financial and operational experience can guide without emotions on the realities and assist you make better informed decisions. You may be a startup, a small or medium enterprise or a large corporate looking forward to an outside perspective on a particular subject, our experience and diligent approach can come handy to make the best decisions. We can offer specific assistance in preparing or reviewing the corporate governance framework, make them agile to face the new fast paced world, adopt sustainable practices within the organisation, adopt prudent financial or execution strategy, peer review of program management, assist in organisational reorganisation and related topics.

Remote CFO Services

For SME it is very costly to afford a full time CFO, we shall provide all the CFO services for the required period including to gear up the team, re align their KRA/KPI inline to the Business values/motives. Even for MNC we bridge the Investor/Bankers with required strategies, Business planning, M&A, IPO process and any strategic processes.

Audit & Assurance

The audit and assurance landscape is constantly evolving across our region. Regulatory requirements and increased stakeholder demands for more transparency are compelling organizations to give high priority to audit and assurance. At GFS, we believe in the importance of accurate corporate reporting which ensures the organization's adherence with regulatory disclosure demands, and even goes further to increase transparency and rebuild confidence among stakeholders. Our independent and objective assurance services can help your organization mitigate risk for enhanced performance. We are the ” CFO Service providers” - The CSP. Virtual CFO.

VAT Services

VAT is around the corner in Oman with Majlis Shura recommending the VAT law to Majlis Dhawla in xxxxxxxxxx. We are yet to know the rate of VAT and await further announcements from authorities. It is important that businesses understand the implications of the VAT tax and make every effort to align their business model to the Tax Authorty’s reporting and compliance requirements. Businesses may find VAT difficult to implement, but failure to do so could result in costly penalties from the Authority. GFS can simplify the VAT implementation process to help you comply with the VAT law. GFS has partnered with SK Auditors UAE, India who has extensive experience in rolling out GST and VAT in India and UAE over the past 3 years to get head start in anticipating challenges and assisting companies to adapt to new requirements of compliance.

Book Keeping & Accounting

Leave the Bookkeeping & Accounting task to GFS and gain peace of mind to focus on your Business. Whether you’re a large corporation or a growing SME, we can help with all your bookkeeping, accounting, payroll, and VAT requirements. We can cover all bases from annual accounts through to outsourcing and company formation – allowing you to get the peace of mind needed to run your business.

Areas where GFS team can assist

The need of the day is to absorb the macro economic challenges affecting the region and in turn the business. To help our clients navigate through these challenges, GFS has a comprehensive range of consulting services in the areas of Management Reporting, CFO Services, Planning and Budgeting, Cash Flow Management, Financial Feasibility, Payroll Management, Marginal Costing & ABC costing. Our team of experts shall offer you a customised approach to meet your business needs combining industry knowledge and a commitment to growing companies. We will be in a position to place you well on the negotiating table with financial institutions to meet your additional capital requirements for growth of business. Be it negotiating with institutions and or to deal with internal stakeholders through budget actual variance, our team will be like an insider to assist how to develop an effective Business model, monitor variance, advising the maintenance/requirement of working capital etc.. In an industry built on standard templates and structure, we offer problem defining solutions that cater the needs of your organization.

ERP Implementation

Our team can guide you to choose the appropriate ERP to suit your Business Needs, Team up with you for the implementation from scratch to fully active running. We will ensure every phase is recorded, uat is done before moving to live. Accounts manual and ERP Implementation path will be well documented along with the software development team so that in future there can be a proper reference/guide.